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Yay it’s 2017! Who is with me in celebrating the glorious commencement of a new year? I’d go into how 2017 was a hell of a year, but at this point, I think it’s beginning to sound a little cliche…Needless to say I am doing everything in my power to take full advantage of a fresh start. I have a laundry list of resolutions strapped to my belt and I’m ready to go! First up on my list of resolutions :

– Find Yourself…

Easy right? I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but thats why were here!

As a former Kid’s Activity Blogger, I was pretty involved in the blog scene for several years. There
were many things I loved about it (i.e. having a platform for my introverted self to connect with other people and share my thoughts with the world!) and many things I did not (i.e. the pressure to constantly be coming up with original crafts and activities in a Pintrest word, pressure to make every activity I did with my kids look picture perfect in a Pintrest world, pressure to pretend like every idea I had was a raging success in a Pintrest world). You get the idea…But over all, I miss it! I love writing. It’s always been my go-to method for sorting out my thoughts, so getting back into blogging seemed like a natural jumping off point on my quest to find myself!

img_0305This blog is all about the real me ( plus 3 – Hubby, daughter 1- we’ll call her Gracie Girl, and daughter 2 – we’ll call her Sassafras). No pressure to be perfect or pretend I’m something I’m not. Just a place where I can project the real me and all the hilarities and tragedies of motherhood. And, if I’m being real (and you know I am), I think we could all benefit from opening the window to reality in our picture perfect Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest world!

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