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Emily Turnes 7

It’s been nearly a month since my little girl turned 7 so I figured it might be time to finally write a post about all of her birthday fun. This years festivities were a little more low key than usual, but tons of fun none the less! Emily played a big role in planning her own birthday party this year. She insisted upon a Gracie (her cat) themed party and had so much fun designing a cake, coming up with party games, and helping make the decorations. Although I am not always the best at letting go of control, it was truly a joy to watch her take charge and plan a party that was very much her own!


What’s a party without delicious snacks? This girl had a lot of fun browsing Pintrest for cat themed birthday goodies, but her absolute must-have treat was this fluffy gray kitty cake that she had been imagining and sketching out for months! Although we had to tone it down from her original 2 tier design to fit our smaller crowd, I think she was pretty pleased with the resultimg_3799



The decorations and party games were were she really made her mark. She decided on Pin The Tail on Gracie (which she helped paint) as well as an a Adopt a Kitty Center and Cat Toy Make Station that she came up with herself!

She also had her heart set on a yarn ball piñata this year, and after the crayon filled piñata incident of her 4th birthday, I felt the need to redeem myself. We originally tried crafting our own paper mache version which was a fun project but ended up being far too fragile to hang up, much less survive more than a round or two of batting practice! We ended up finding a beach ball piñata at the store and were able to transform it to the piñata of her dreams with a little paint and a LOT of yarn.  Between the sturdy cardboard construction and all of the additional materials, this thing ended up being invincible and after many many rounds of swinging at it, the kids finally took to stabbing the bat through the piñata to finally break it open! Lots of fun and loads of giggles!

My little girl had so much fun with all of her little besties and I had a blast watching her in element, lead the group from one activity to the next.





Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!



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