Real Moms Take Back Social Media

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This morning I want to discuss a topic that has been on my heart lately – the reason behind why I’ve decided to pick this blog back up and where I want to run with it.

Real Moms Take Back Social Media
Encouraging moms to embrace authenticity on social media.

It all hinges on Social Media.

Social Media has become such a buzz word over the last decade.  Almost every single one of us participates in Social Media to some degree and as it becomes more and more pervasive, it’s become evident just how much it can effect our behavior offline in both positive, but often times negative ways.

As mother’s, I think it is important for us to take notice of this evidence.

There is no doubt that our children are amongst the most impressionable as they grow up in this increasingly tech savvy world, but I believe as women, we too are extremely vulnerable to the subconscious comparison of our own lives, to everyone else’s highlight reel.


So what is the solution?

Do we just turn our backs on social media to protect our hearts?

I think there is definitely value in setting limits around when and how we use technology, but I can’t help but feel like there is a huge opportunity to take back social media and use it for good!

While it is true that so much of what we see feels over curated, over monetized, over sensationalized and disingenuous, it is also true that social media is an amazing tool for connecting people all across the globe, for sharing information and for using our voice to promote our values.

I am tired of scrolling through my Instagram feed of spotless homes and perfectly staged photos.


I am tired of contributing to the problem!



It can be tempting to take advantage of this unique platform where we get to choose exactly how the rest of the world sees us by only putting our best foot forward, but I think in doing so we are missing out on the opportunity to connect to each other as humans.

I believe we should all celebrate our wins, share our highlights, and relish in our success, but let’s also be real.

Let’s make it a point to share our mess-ups, the umpteenth outtakes behind perfect selfie, the disaster we had to clean up before we got to sit down with that lovely cup of coffee.


We have the power, now more than ever, to share what goes on behind the scenes.

As mom, this is a tremendous opportunity to finally shed light on some of the often invisible struggles of motherhood – to connect over those universal truths instead of hiding them under the rug.

Let’s use this power to lift each other up instead of drag each other down!

Let’s give other mama’s permission to let go of perfect and show up as they are, by showing up authentically ourselves!

If you’ve been following me on social media lately, I hope you’ve noticed my effort to do this myself and I hope that empowers you to do the same. If you are feeling brave, please join me in spreading authenticity in motherhood by sharing your own REAL LIFE pictures with the hashtag #RealMomsTakeBackSocialMedia

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