That Pinterest Girl

When it comes to hearing the word “Pinterest” what does your mind instantly go to?

Are you a creator, a designer, a crafter, an inventor? Do you feel like Pinterest fuels your fire to do all the things you want to do in your home and with your children?


Does the word “Pinterest” instantly give you anxiety? Does it make you feel like it’s an unattainable measurement by which you judge yourself and the people around you? Do you picture “perfect mom” and feel like “that’s just not me.”?

Let’s take a peek at riding the line here for those of us who like to dabble and find joy in  Pinteresting  but also know when to let go of something that’s become an unhealthy use of our time and talents.




If you google “Pinterest Mom,” I promise you will fall on at least a dozen great articles bashing the idea of being the “Perfect Pinterest Mom” and another dozen asking everyone to stop bashing and embrace the “Pinterest Mom.”

It seems, like with most things, there doesn’t have to be a right or a wrong way but more importantly, is what you’re doing and how you’re spending your time bringing you joy and for the right reasons?

One blog post I particularly related to was on the Scary Mommy blog. This blog in particular is standing up for being the “Pinterest Mom” and not apologizing for it.


“We’re having fun. We’re not contriving magic. We’re not more concerned about our children than you are. We’re not better moms. We’re just crafty moms. We were crafty before we had kids, and we will be crafty when our kids are grown up. And we are just pleased as punch that we have teeny little willing crafting/cooking/baking partners.”


I relate a lot to this idea because I too have been a crafter and creator for decades before having a family of my own and being a mom became part of my identity.

I love manipulating light in photos in particular and watching as sun beams stream through my window – and moving furniture out of the way to capture an image just perfectly if necessary because it brings me joy.

For years I would share my work and photography on my personal Instagram without really thinking about who saw it or liked it. It was for me. It was a way I was able to create and document my art. But somewhere in the last 7 years of becoming a mom, I’ve started to question some things about this and I’ll do my best to explain why below.


by Adamson Imagery, LLC

Have you often wondered — do I document too much? Does my life look too put together? Am I making others feel bad because my photos are pretty and I value that? Am I not posting enough? When did this even become a thing I cared and worried about?

Grappling with this idea of the “Pinterest Mom” has made me feel different things at different times as I’ve contemplated this idea over the past month.

I honestly have to admit I’ve felt differently about it from day to day and I have to think that all goes back to my original thought of questioning ourselves – is how I am spending my time bringing me joy and helping me use my talents and gifts to bless others around me?

submissive wife

I stumbled upon a 1950s image of a mom from a magazine article and everything in this picture could actually have made the women of that time question very similar things.

What does this woman represent? She is the ideal housewife, or so it would seem.

The message that was sent in the 50’s and 60’s was very blatant that women were successful at their role if they got up, had makeup on everyday, made hot and homemade meals for their families, had a tidy home, enjoyed cleaning in heels (insert eye roll here), and sacrificed their own ambitions and time for the sake of being a good mom, wife, neighbor, etc.

At least that’s what I see when I look at this image. If you google 1950s housewife memes I promise you’ll be in for a good laugh.


Has Pinterest somehow become those magazine images for many of us? I dare to say it has! On a recent poll I posed to my friends, every single one of them admitted in someway that Pinterest only makes them feel like failures. They see this grand and exciting idea for a beautiful recipe or craft and upon attempting it themselves, it usually looks nothing like the image on their browser.

Being someone who clearly rides the fence on this topic, I want to encourage you to ask yourself this question the next time you find yourself looking to open your Pinterest app or type it into your url…

Will my worth be defined by what I see in these images? Is this a good way for me to spend my time right now and will lift me up?

If you have your heart in check and know that proceeding ahead won’t affect you negatively, I think that Pinterest can be a beautiful tool for many of us. It can give you ideas for organizing under the dreaded kitchen sink or a fun way to dress up pretzels for a holiday snack at an upcoming party you’re attending.

However, if by seeing the picture perfect displays of cakes, women in outfits that are pricey and unattainable, haircuts that look way better on the models than they might if we were to get them on us, and you know that you will question yourself, your heart, and walk away feeling defeated – – don’t go there friend!

pinterest defn

Just say no and know that it is 100% ok to not be the crafty mom or the mom who does crazy things with her pretzels for the holiday party! Your worth is not defined by what you are unable to do!

Let’s all try not to find ourselves trapped by tools that can be beneficial to us. Take a deep breath. Be present wherever you are and know that you are exactly the person needed for those around you and just being yourself is always enough.

You are enough. Indulge in things that make you more confident of that and ditch those that don’t.

Amity Adamson – by Adamson Imagery, LLC

2 thoughts on “That Pinterest Girl”

  1. This is so spot on! I love your point that things like Pintrest are neither good nor bad, it’s more about how we use them. I think this is true for all social media! They are awesome tools that we have at our disposal. We just need to be cognizant of how their use can shape our mindset and that of others. Ultimately, like you said, its about making sure that the ways we spend our time bring us joy and serve our talents!

    P.S. I personally love your photography! I find it very inspiring and think you do a great job of capturing real moments even if you might go to certain extra lengths to get “the perfect shot”. That is definitely one of your talents, friend, and I think you do a great job of inspiring others to find beauty in their everyday lives by capturing the beauty you see through your lens.

  2. Omgoodness Kim!!! I could relate to so so much of this. I can see so many sides of the coin here. I have to say though for me pinterest has been A source of entertainment and also a useful tool. I use pinterest to identify creative ways for my child to learn grow and express themselves and I have also used it as a way to come up with creative coping skills for the patients that I work with. I think much like anything else it has its downfalls but that’s not so much about pinterest as it is about a person’s ability to limit and manage themselves.I also believe that a person’s self worth has a lot to do with how much they allow things like pinterest and social media to impact them… That being said our inner mean girl can play the comparison game and that sometimes is hurtful. It’s all about doing what’s best for you your family and doing things that make you feel good.

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