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Self-Care Advent Calendar for Busy Moms

The Holiday Season is officially in full swing!  I absolutely LOVE being a Mama during this special time of year.  There is something amazing about holding the key to magic in your hands and wielding the ability to bring smiles and enchantment with every tradition, large or small.  Christmastime is full of special memories and much awaited festivities, but all too often we look back and find that the stress of overloading our calendars and the pressure we put on ourselves to make this time of year magical has robbed us of so much joy.

Free printable self-care advent calendar for busy moms

As we roll into advent season next week, let’s set the intention to put ourselves at the top of our to-do list this year!  Below is a Self-Care Advent Calendar that I made just for you!  I’ve carefully crafted this countdown to be perfect for busy moms.  It includes super simple and quick ways for you to tend to yourself, without piling a whole host of items on your already full agenda.  You’ll find a fun mix of ways to pamper yourself as well as ideas to simplify in order to alleviate stress and experience a Holiday Season filled with JOY!  Click the link at the bottom of this post to find your FREE printable Self-Care Advent Calendar.  Your packet includes a countdown poster where you can cross of your progress as you inch towards Christmas as well as daily notes to guide you through each self-care task!

I am happy to leave you with this special gift as I prepare to step back from the blog for a bit and enjoy this season with my family.  I will be following along with the Self-Care Advent and hope you do as well!  Through the month of December we will be discussing each day’s self-care task and sharing progress and inspiration over on The Real Mom’s Facebook group.  If you are not already a member, head over and join today!  We would love to have you share in the discussion! Don’t forget to print out your calendar and follow along!

From all of us at The Real Me + 3, we hope you have a JOYFUL holiday season and will see you back in January with a whole bunch of new goodness in store!!!

Click here to download your free self-care advent calendar

Self Care Advent Calendar Download

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  1. This looks like something that I could use this Christmas! As the mama to a teething child and a three year old, I am going to need a whole lot of self care to make it to Christmas still sane.

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