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10 Blissful Truths of a One-Kid-Weekend

Being a mom is hard.

Being a mom to more than one kid is even harder!

This is an obvious truth that I live with every single day but had forgotten the significance of until I recently got to enjoy an entire blissful weekend with just one kid! Due to sickness and a 3 day weekend, it just so worked out that the kid’s took turns staying at their Nana and Papa’s house rather than their usual routine of going over together. It was this last minute arrangement that reminded me of the relative ease of parenting one child that I’d long since forgotten.

If you’re a mom of more than one kiddo, I know you can relate!

10 blissful truths I rediscovered on our one-kid-weekend!

1. It is entirely possible to ask questions like “What do you want for lunch?” without ending up with a mutiny on your hands.

2. “Lay with me until I fall asleep” is a request that is not only feasible, but can actually be enjoyable.

3. Watching a movie is a peaceful event rather than a 30 minute deliberation followed by wedging one’s self in between two flailing humans because “she keeps sticking her feet on my side!”

4. Engaging in conversation can be pleasant when only one little voice is talking at a time.

5. Undivided attention means fully experiencing those awesome little personalities!

6. It is possible to sit down at a restaurant without wracking your brain to remember who you sat next to last.

7. Serving food is as simple as serving food when you don’t have to precisely divide every morsel equally

8. “Shut up”, “You’re the worst”, and “I hate you” are phrases that are practically non existent.

9. Getting ready for bed doesn’t have to be a competition over who did it better, faster, or most thorough.

10. Listening to them ponder what their sibling is up to, watching them delight over silly texts back and forth, and answering “what time is she coming home?” for the 147th time is the absolute best reminder that they love each other and that the struggle is well worth it!

The truth is, I love both of my kids. I love that they have each other and nothing brings me joy more than watching them play, laugh together, or comfort one another. Life with both of them is incredible but it is hard.

My point in writing all of this is that I get it. I get that 80 percent of your job is playing referee. I get the frustration of seemingly every fun thing you try to plan turning into a fight. I get the sadness that fills your heart when the little people you love most say such hurtful things to one another. I get that in spite of it all, you wouldn’t trade if for the world.

I get it, and ‘No’, it’s not just your kids!

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