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How to Create a Non-Morning Person Morning Ritual

Does anyone else hear other mamas raving about their early morning sanity saving rituals – you know the ones were they wake up at the crack of dawn, meditate, study scripture, pray, journal, workout, eat breakfast and shower all before their little one’s eyes pop open – and think, “I’ll take my extra 2 hours of sleep, thanks!”

Morning ritual tips

That is totally me! I never pictured myself as the morning ritual type, but not too long ago I reached a breaking point with our frazzled, chaotic, “get your shoes on for the millionth time so your not late for school” routine.

There had to be a better way!

Through a little trial and error we’ve tweaked our schedule to create a much more pleasant and peaceful start to the day and it all hinges on my Non-Morning-Person Morning Ritual. If you are a mama in the same boat, here are a few things that may help you carve out some precious time for yourself in the mornings too!

Get Creative

I desperately wanted some version a quiet morning ritual, but I knew waking up before 6am would not be a good choice for this mama who needs her full 8 hours, so I got creative! I looked at our schedule and realized I could get an extra half hour of my morning back if I drove the kids to school instead of having them ride the bus. This one small change made the idea of a morning ritual seem entirely do-able and helped me gain the momentum I needed to make it happen!

Your schedule may be different from mine, but I encourage you to look for places you might be able to rearrange your routine in order to carve out a bit of time for yourself in the morning. Laying everyone’s clothes out the night before, showering at night instead of in the morning or investing in a ‘style while you sleep’ hair product might be all you need to fit in a simple morning ritual without waking up much (if any) earlier. A friend of mine has her kids change into fresh school clothes before bed and sleep in them to save time and energy in the mornings. Just sayin’….whatever works friends! Get creative!

Decide What’s Essential

Just because Linda’s morning ritual includes ‘all the things’ does not mean yours needs to as well. Take some time to think about what you truly need to start the day off on the right foot and go from there. If 10 minutes to sit and drink your coffee in silence is it, then great! Perhaps a quick power workout or a gentle yoga session would help you wake up and start the day energized. You do you! For me, meditation, time for prayer, and a quick shower were my essentials. Whittling it down to these few things made my morning ritual seem feasible and gave me the structure I needed to begin.

Do Not Negotiate

As a Non-Morning Person it’s easy to get in the habit of hitting that snooze button over and over, especially when we don’t need to get up yet. If we give ourselves even 10 seconds to think it over, you better believe we can sleepily justify why we need more rest today! I’ve found that the only way to fight this urge is to nip it in the bud and get up as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning – No Negotiation! Once I’m out of bed and started with my ritual it doesn’t take long for me to wake up and get in the groove.

Prioritize Sleep

Waking up early and going through the motions of a ritual is not very effective if we’re not rested enough to be intentional with our time. It didn’t take long for me to discover that prioritizing sleep is a must! For me, this meant tweaking my evening routine to ensure the kids were in bed and all of my nightly duties were finished at a reasonable time. It also meant adjusting to a new downtime schedule with my night owl husband. Changing your sleep routine can certainly take some getting used, but I speak from experience when I say it can be the magic ingredient that really makes your morning ritual work for you!


As Non-Morning People, it can be tempting to quit once the novelty wears off. I knew I would likely fall into this trap so before I began, I made the commitment to stick with it for 30 days. Setting grounds rule from the very beginning helped me to stick with it even when the going got tough. Making this commitment to myself made me feel proud and gave me the willpower to try it, knowing that it didn’t have to last forever it did’t work.

Be Flexible

As we dig into our new rituals, it’s likely that we’ll uncover things that work and things that don’t. We’ve made a commitment to ourselves but that doesn’t mean we need to be so rigid as to cling to things that aren’t serving us. When I first began, my plan was to start the day with a 30 minute unguided meditation. It sounded simple and I’ve enjoyed unguided meditation before, but I quickly discovered that my brain is far to fuzzy fresh out of bed for anything unguided. My mind kept drifting right back to dream land. Instead of throwing in the towel, I decided to give guided meditation a go and found that shortening it up and following it with a quick prayer or journaling session worked much better for me. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your morning ritual until you find your sweet spot!

As the weeks have progressed, I’ve fallen more and more in love with this ritual and have seen first hand how it’s not only helped to make our school mornings more positive and peaceful but it has spilled over into the rest of my day as well. This relatively short commitment was just what I needed to see the difference starting my mornings intentionally could make!

Are you a long time believer in morning rituals or has it been something you’ve struggled with as well? I’d love to hear about what has and hasn’t worked for you. Tell me about your morning ritual in the comments below!

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