Step Out of the Box

I’ve sat down at my computer multiple times this week trying to plan discussion topics for our Facebook group or write the posts I thought I needed to write. Each time I could feel the energy being sucked from my body. This mission to explore and encourage authenticity in motherhood is one that is dear to my heart, but somewhere along the line I decided it had to look a certain way.

I’ve noticed this happening in many areas of my life lately – holding myself within invisible walls simply because that’s what seems to work for other people. Society has a way of seeping in and telling us how to be successful, how to find happiness, how to be a great mom. . . Little by little, without anyone ever telling us we can’t do things differently we forfeit our power to forge our own path, follow our intuition, and live life on our own terms. We place ourselves in a little box, frustrated by the constraints, but unaware that all we have to do is open the lid and step out.

Today I encourage all of us to explore the frustrating areas of our lives and consider whether or not the boxes we find ourselves in are ones we can just as easily step out of. Perhaps it is something as simple as changing your routine or getting creative with the way you arrange your home to better meet your needs. Maybe it’s something that requires a bit more planning and time – changing careers, making friends, setting boundaries. . .

Life is filled with plenty of real life barriers – challenging circumstances, financial restraints, injustices beyond our control. To suggest that everything can be fixed simply by deciding to do things differently would be naive, but I do think we hold the ability to make life a lot easier on ourselves. Let’s step into our power, learn to recognize when we are the ones holding ourselves back, and step out of the box

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