Hi, I’m Jess! A scatterbrained, creative, introverted mom on the cusp of my 3o’s embarking on a journey to “find myself”! Gone are the days of pretending to be something I’m not. This space is all about being real and embracing life, for better or for worse!





This is Hubby. He truly is my better half. We’ve been partners in crime for going on 14 years and I’ve grown pretty fond of him. When they say opposites attract, they were definitely referring to us. Though we don’t have much in common, we make a pretty awesome team!





This is Gracie Girl (7). She is my silly, sensitive, wise-beyond-her-years child. I am afraid to say that she has inherited my personality almost to a tee. Our combined perfectionist tendencies are a match for no one!






This is Sassafras (4). Need I say more? This girl is all spunk. To say she makes life interesting is an understatement! Just when you think you want to hang her up by her toes, she flashes you that adorable smile and gives you one of her world class hugs!