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Find Your Flow

Do you ever feel like when you’ve found your groove as an individual, everything else sorta falls in line? What does it look like for you to find that flow and maintain it? Let’s explore some things together in regards to just simple things we all encounter as women: laundry, dishes, toys, meals, etc. For… Read More Find Your Flow


That Pinterest Girl

When it comes to hearing the word “Pinterest” what does your mind instantly go to? Are you a creator, a designer, a crafter, an inventor? Do you feel like Pinterest fuels your fire to do all the things you want to do in your home and with your children? OR Does the word “Pinterest” instantly… Read More That Pinterest Girl


Change in Identity

Who do you identify yourself as? This is a question most of us have grappled with at one time or another through the scope of our life thus far and it often is a changing perspective we see through the viewfinder as the years pass. In this moment in time what is the first response… Read More Change in Identity